Caramel Melange Palette Review

A couple of months ago I brought the Caramel Melange palette by Zoeva. This palette has been around for a while and I'm sure it's a staple in a number of people's makeup bags but this is the first time I've tried it. Like I said, I've had it a couple of months but haven't really had time… Continue reading Caramel Melange Palette Review


Date night prep

So, yesterday was my birthday (20th of March) and I turned 18! Jack and I decided to go for a date night to celebrate my birthday so I thought I'd show you how I prep for a date night. I had the day off so it made it much easier for me to feel pampered… Continue reading Date night prep


Makeup Revolution Fastbase Foundation Review!

This is an extra little post this week to make up for missing Wednesday and Sunday last week. It was a crazy week and I feel like time is running out on me, It's driving me crazy. You guys know how much I love Makeup Revolution. They created a massive frenzy with their new conceal… Continue reading Makeup Revolution Fastbase Foundation Review!