Mental Health

Antidepressants: Do they work?

Recently, there was a show on TV called 'The Doctor Who Gave up Drugs' and it followed the journey of a small sample of teenagers that have been placed on antidepressants. He wanted to explore why so many children were being placed on these drugs by the doctors. I will hold up hands up and say,… Continue reading Antidepressants: Do they work?

Mental Health

Mini self-care routine

This is my second post in honour of Mental Health awareness week and this post will be all about how I look after myself when I don't have a lot of time. I use this routine quite a bit whilst I'm working because I don't have a lot of time when I get home. This… Continue reading Mini self-care routine

Mental Health

Take a break.

This week, starting the 14th of May, is the start of mental health awareness week. I think this is absolutely fantastic, however, we shouldn't need a week to talk about mental health. It should be talked about all of the time! In honour of mental health week I thought I'd put up a series of… Continue reading Take a break.