Mental Health

Body Dysmorphia

In honour of mental health week I thought I would go back to my roots and do a blog post on mental health. When most people think of mental health they think of depression or anxiety and although it is those things it's also much more then that. Body dysmorphia is a mental health illness… Continue reading Body Dysmorphia

Mental Health

Passive suicidal tendencies

*Trigger warning* I have dealt with the hell hole of depression and anxiety since I was around 12 years old. It's completely fucked up that I knew that I would rather be dead then trying to figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life (thank god that never happened). I… Continue reading Passive suicidal tendencies

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*Get ready for the super cringe photos of me when I was younger.* Family has always been such an awkward topic for me purely because I am so family orientated but didn't speak to half of my family until about a month ago. A lot of shit happened between my family which led to my… Continue reading Family