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Isle of Wight Festival 2019

I always said that 2019 would be the year that I tried new things and come out of my comfort zone. Never in a million years did I think I would go to a festival, let alone one across the channel. But I went and conquered my anxiety and I am so proud of myself.

I travelled down to Sydney’s uni on the Wednesday because we were seeing Anne-Marie in London the night before we travelled to the festival. Sydney and I are fully obsessed with Anne-Marie and we ended up seeing her twice in 3 days. Anne-Marie was absolutely amazing and yes, I spent quite a bit of money (that I don’t have) on merch. The concert in London was so intimate and the perfect first concert to go to without your parents.

The Thursday morning we left Sydney’s uni at 6am to travel down to Portsmouth. We were going from Portsmouth to Fishbourne and the ferry was booked for 8am. It was a mega early morning and you bet I had a nap later on in the day. I have only been on a ferry once and that was when I was around 12, so I don’t really remember what it was like. The ferry was about 45 minutes each way and it wasn’t that bad. Once we got into port we travelled right to the festival site. We decided to try and get our tent up first as the weather was absolutely miserable, there was mud everywhere and my car was about an hours walk away from our campsite. My dad managed to bag us a cheap tent from work that ended up being so small it barely fit both of us in it let alone all our clothes and food etc. Thank god, my mum packed another tent just in case so we tried to put that up as well but we had no tent poles…
Yes, my mum had taken the tent poles out of the bag and forgot to put them back in so we were stuck with the smallest tent possible in the pouring rain. I managed to get a good nap in whilst we were waiting for the rain to let up. Sydney and I were very boring and were so cold and wet that we didn’t watch any of the acts on the first night and just went straight to bed.

On Friday, we woke up soaking wet because our tent didn’t come with a dry sheet so us and all out stuff was soaking. Sydney has done festivals before where this was my first ever one and I was miserable, changing meds at the same time probably didn’t help. Sydney didn’t want my first festival to be complete shambles so we ended up booking a hotel room..we bottled it and decided to be comfy and warm and it was the best decision. Booking a hotel room meant that we could leave everything in the room and only take essentials to the festival e.g. water and toilet roll. It also meant I had a proper mirror to do makeup and glitter in which was an absolute bonus.
Friday was a bit more of a good day music wise. It was still wet and miserable but the artists definitely made up for it. My favourite artist of the first night was probably Lily Allen purely because she is gold. She is unapologetically herself and I love it. She done a one minute silence for Grenfell as it was the 2 year anniversary on it and that just made her amazing in my eyes, also she played some right bangers that had the whole crowd singing along. After, we tried to go and see Sigala and Jax Jones but security stopped the crowd from going in as it was so busy so instead we just partied outside. We still heard the music and had a great time!

We didn’t really want to see anyone until Saturday afternoon so Sydney and I had a good lay in and took our time getting ready and tying to look presentable. Saturday was a nice day so I definitely took advantage of it and probably wore clothes that are not suitable for the weather. For Anne-Marie, we managed to get near the front and the atmosphere was electric, I loved it! Bastille also played on the Saturday and I love the band so I was super excited to see them live. Dan, the singer, even got in the crowd and was jumping around with us whilst singing and it was just brilliant. Their set was so good and I’m glad I saw them live. George Ezra was the last artist we saw on the Saturday as we couldn’t be bothered to stay for Fatboy Slim’s set. George Ezra was brilliant and had the whole crowd going. He even told us some of the stories about how his songs were made and it just made everything a bit more intimate.

Sunday was the last day of the festival and the day we were travelling home. We couldn’t stay to see Jess Glynne as we had to get our ferry but it was a good job we didn’t as she pulled out 10 minutes before she was due on. Madness, for me, was the highlight of Sunday purely because they are mine and my dads favourite band. My dad was always playing Madness when we were younger and I’ve seen them with him a couple of times so I was really excited. (Our Father’s Day present was for Dad to see Madness play at Newmarket Nights). Madness was absolutely incredible and had the crowd going the entire time and it was brilliant to see the older and younger generations just jump in together and singing alone. I was shocked to learn that Madness have been together for 40 years and are still touring/doing festivals.

The Isle of Wight festival was absolutely incredible (despite the weather) and I think I may have the festival bug. My friends and I are definitely planning on going to some festivals next year as well as Community festival on the 30th of June.
Do you guys enjoy festivals and if you haven’t been to one, would you ever go? Let me know.

Love Els xxx

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