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Ultra White Collar Boxing

In the last weekend of March, I travelled to Peterborough with some of my friends to watch a charity boxing match. One of our good friends was participating so we went along to support and cheer him on.

Ultra White Collar Boxing Events (UWCBE) are the company who organises these matches ( Individuals sign up, go through 6 weeks or rigorous training before fighting in a ring with professional referees. One of our other friends also competed back in November last year. She done so well and everyone was so proud of her, this is where our other friend got the idea to sign up.

UWCBE do these charity boxing events all over the United Kingdom and they gather a lot of support and raise a hell of a lot of money for Cancer Research. It combines exercise, fun and giving back to charity all in one place. It’s a lot of hard work for everyone participating but it’s for a great cause and is a great night out. This time they raised £21,500 from just ticket sales alone! I’m not sure about the final figure but I know it will be greatly appreciated by Cancer Research.

UWCBE is an 18+ event only, so if you look under 18 be prepared to be ID’ed; I found that out the hard way. Every participant gives it their all and really goes for it so if violence isn’t really your thing I wouldn’t recommend going.

Our friend was absolutely amazing! I am so proud of him for even stepping into that ring. He said he had a lot of fun and enjoyed every minute of it which is fantastic. Unfortunately, he didn’t last too long in the ring due to an injury. He got hit in the temple which caused his vision to blur, based on this the referee called the match off. This essentially means that the opponent one but it was an amazing match. Afterwards, the opponent came over and apologised for hitting him so hard and brought him a drink to apologise and congratulate him. I think that’s amazing sportsmanship and he’s a credit to his family.

The night was filled with a lot of laughter and fun from everyone there. It was quite a rowdy event with all the cheering going on but it was also quite sophisticated as it was a black tie event. I have never been to one before so I was so unsure what to wear! I did like what I wore but I felt so underdressed compared to others that were there.

Felt so underdressed but also loved my outfit

I absolutely loved the night and now I’m trying to persuade my brother to apply as there’s no way I would ever be able to do it!

Els xo

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