I’m A Celeb – Anne Hegerty.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are not from Great Britain, you’ve probably watched ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’. Essentially a bunch of well known celebrities go into the Australian jungle and are cut off from everything for about three weeks. They compete in trials to win food and treats etc. It’s a form of torture that us Brits love to watch and bestow on different celebrities. I would highly recommend.

This year they have a lady called Anne Hegerty. This lady is on a TV show called ‘The Chase’ and is a famous quizzer, a very smart lady. Anyway, she opened up to her fellow campmates about having Autism after having a mini breakdown after first visiting the camp. Anne Hegerty opening up about her autism is so inspiring and has led to thousands of conversations and people opening up about them suffering etc.

This is Anne Hegerty, a famous quizzer. 

A lot of the public were quite shocked when Anne opened up because it’s never been publicised that she suffers from Autism and in fact she didn’t know until she was 45. There was a big discussion in camp about her autism manifests and how she’s had to learn to pick up on social cues and how she deals with everyday life. From looking at Anne, you wouldn’t expect this. She is a very intelligent lady and seems to get on with everyone. This just shows that individuals with Autism don’t have to look ‘autistic’ to actually suffer. It also shows how it manifests and affects everyone differently. It is totally inspiring listening to Anne talk about her struggles and educate other people on the matter. It’s started a massive discussion on Twitter about the whole thing and it really has got the whole nation talking. I really hope that this helps to bring awareness to Autism and the people that suffer from it. It’s about time we talk about things like this.

I am proud of Anne and am rooting for her all of the way!

What are your thoughts on this subject?

Els xo.


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