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Magaluf – Mini Break

About a month ago my mum and her best friend decided that wanted to go away for a weekend to just chill out and enjoy some sun. They do this quite often and this time myself and mums friends son was invited. Our families are all really close and I consider James to be like another brother. We were all looking forward to just getting away for a bit.

We booked to go for a couple of days and stayed in an apartment that was situated at the top of a massive hill. Sam and mum didn’t realise this and they were so disgruntled when they found out which just caused a lot of laughter for James and I.

The whole time we were there was spent eating and drinking and just relaxing. We spent a lot of our time in the different pubs and the costa that was near our apartment. There wasn’t a lot going on purely because it was the end of season and most places had shut down for the winter. It wasn’t particularly that warm either so we ended up walking around in shorts and jumpers; could definitely tell we we’re British tourists.

It was just nice to get away and enjoy a couple of days away from Britain and just not worry about anything.

Lots of love,

Els xo

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