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Leamington Spa


I’ve been away for a bloody long time and there’s no excuse for that so I’m sorry. I’ve decided I need to get back into gear with my blog, career and life in general so…watch this space!

Back in August, one of my best friends and I, went to Leamington Spa for a mini break away. We both needed to clear our heads and plus she was off to uni so it was like one last trip and get together. We had nothing planned whilst we were there apart from getting as humanly drunk as possible and eat our body weight in food.

We stayed in Ince House which is just outside of the centre of Leamington Spa. Ince House is split into sets of serviced apartments. Our apartment has two bedrooms, a massive bathroom and kitchen/living room. It was like a home away from home and it was beautiful. Sydney definitely had the best views. The rooms where such a nice size and decorated beautifully throughout, I would definitely recommend staying there.

One of the bedrooms

The first night we done a spot of food shopping, had a nap and then went out for food and drink. We found ourselves in the local weatherspoons and had a sufficient amount of alcohol each. There’s nothing better then having a bunch of cocktails with one of your closest friends. We definitely took advantage of our beautiful surroundings and had a mini photo shoot, it was great.

Ince House

The next day we had the great idea of going to look around the national guide dog centre, we managed to snatch the last space available and were so excited. We chilled for majority of the day before we were going to head off. The one problem that we had was that we turned up to the wrong guide dog centre. We turned up to the training centre and not the breeding centre which means that we missed out on seeing a ton of puppies and looking around. We were both so annoyed but did see the humour in it, thankfully.

We eventually just decided to go into the centre and have a mooch around which ended up in us shopping, looking around the royal pump rooms and then wandering around Jepson Gardens. I didn’t think I would be that interested in the pump rooms because that sort of thing doesn’t really pique my interest but I’m so glad Sydney made us go in. It was just so fascinating to me to see where it all started and how Leamington Spa is just as famous as Bath for the royal baths etc. Sydney and I just had fun looking around and learning about the history.

Jepson Garden’s are just opposite the pump rooms and so I dragged sydney to have a walk around. I love things like parks and gardens because they’re so peaceful and great for people watching. I could literally spend my whole day in places like this. They had this river with a mini waterfall type feature that we sat at for ages just watching the water. It was definitely a peaceful place and somewhere I could have spent all day.

On our very last day, Sydney had a surprise for me. She took me to a Disney themed afternoon tea which was the nicest thing I think anyone has ever done for me. I have already written a blog post about it and it can be accessed here;

Anyway, thank you guys for sticking around and listening to my 1am ramblings. I’ll be back very soon and will see you on the flip side.


Els xo

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