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Spangles Tearoom – Leamington Spa

A couple of weekends ago, my friend and I went for a long weekend to Leamington Spa. We were both feeling a bit shit and decided that we wanted to get away. Sydney came up with the idea and decided where we were going to do and stay etc. Sydney is the best at booking things so I leave it all to her (anyone else like this?).

We done quite a bit whilst we were away as well as getting lost and significantly drunk, it was definitely what we both needed. For the last day Sydney took me for a surprise. She gave me the directions and just told me to drive there. I was honestly so skeptical because I had no idea in what the was planning but honestly, it was the best thing! Sydney took me to Spangles Tearoom which is on the outskirts of Leamington Spa.img_5162

Spangles Tearoom’s instagram will be tagged below where you can find out about all of their fantastic themed afternoon teas: Spangles Tearoom.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am utterly obsessed with all things Disney and Harry Potter. I think they are the best thing since sliced bread so I was so overwhelmed when Sydney booked for us to go for afternoon tea that was Beauty and the Beast themed. (I have a confession to make; I think I’m most like Belle so this was perfect). It was like walking into a Disney wonderland, the little touches and props that were surrounding the tearoom. She also had a dressing up corner full of adult Disney costumes, yes I dressed up!


The owner served us tea in these little teapots that looked like they had come straight out of the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Sugar was served in little chip mugs and there was a mini Cogsworth and Lumieré sat on our table. The whole thing was just magical. The treats had little touches of Disney all throughout from roses on the cakes to a mini Cogsworth face on the biscuits. I was in literal heaven.

I don’t know much about afternoon tea’s which is because this was my first experience but the fact it was themed made it seem so much more alive and enjoyable. Spangles had everything down to a t. The decorations and the welcoming is what made the whole experience for me. I would honestly recommend if you are in the area! If Disney isn’t your thing, that’s fine as there’s tons of themes to choose from but be quick because they sell out fast!


I would seriously recommend Spangles Tearoom and Sydney and I cannot wait to come back to try out some other themed afternoons!

Lots of love,

Els xo

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