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Zakynthos 2018

Hi guys,
it’s been a long time without any blog posts and for that I’m really sorry. It’s been a long month in terms of work and my mental health. I just recently had a relapse but that story is for another day. For today’s blog post I thought I would show you some of the pictures from my holiday to Zante, Greece.

Zante is a little island off the mainland of Greece, it is said that you can drive round the whole island in under two hours. This is perfect if you want to explore the whole island. My family and I, along with my boyfriend, stayed in a little town called Kalamaki. Kalamaki is famous for it’s protected beaches because that’s where the turtles come and lay their eggs. If you go to the beach you will see little huts everywhere with signs saying ‘keep out’ and ‘do not disturb’ this is because that’s where the turtle’s eggs are. This also means that everyone has to vacate the beach by 9pm Greek time to ensure no one disturbs the turtles. On this beach is where yo can also see the planes land They come in right over the sea and land just beyond the beach. Kalamaki is where the airport is situated and is around a 5 minute drive to Laganos or a 15 minute drive to Zante town. Zante town is Zante’s equivalent to our London. Zante town is the only city that this little island has.

A number of the nights that we were there, we spent walking around Kalamaki and walking along the beach. It was nearly impossible to do this during the day because the heat was unbearable if there wasn’t a pool to jump in. Jack was in his element on these walks because of the amount of pictures that he could take.

One of the days we actually went on a boat trip around the island to see the famous shipwreck. We didn’t take the camera as there was a lot of people on board and we had a number of swim stops. Jack brought the GoPro instead and we got some amazing footage. We had a swim stop on the beach where the shipwreck was located and oh my god was it choppy. The sea literally took you away with how choppy it was, the amount of boats there didn’t help at all! I remember swimming with my mum and then the next minute I was laying on the beach which is where the waves had took me. The beach was very uncomfortable, it was all small pebbles that dug into your feet. It was beautiful but it’s safe to say my dad, little brother and me were glad to get back onto the boat. We spent the whole day on this boat and it was absolutely breathtaking. I would highly recommend you doing it if you go to Zante. We booked through out tour operator but there a number of places that you can book around the island.

Jack and I also went a date one night away from the hustle and bustle of our hotel. We were all inclusive so decided to make this into a treat for us. Jack had this spag Bol that was served in a frying pan but it was so yummy! The atmosphere in this restaurant was just full of life and everyone there was so kind. In the middle of the restaurant they started doing a traditional Greek dance and then set fire to the floor! It was definitely an experience I will not forget. Jack and I also go a free cocktail out of it which was a bonus and a picture with the waitress because she was fascinated why Jack’s camera.

This holiday was definitely needed because of the amount of crap my family has had to deal with already this year. This was our second time going back to Zante and Kalamaki because we love it so much. Jack and I are looking forward to booking our next holiday together. Do you guys have any suggestions? We’d love to hear some!


Els x

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