Caramel Melange Palette Review

IMG_0372A couple of months ago I brought the Caramel Melange palette by Zoeva. This palette has been around for a while and I’m sure it’s a staple in a number of people’s makeup bags but this is the first time I’ve tried it. Like I said, I’ve had it a couple of months but haven’t really had time to swatch the palette or have a proper look. Today I thought I would do that and write down my views on the palette which I’m pretty excited about.

The first thing I really noticed is the colour scheme of the palette and I love it! Just from the packaging you can see why this palette is called Caramel Melange. The packaging is beautiful and definitely catches your eye. However, when you open the palette there is a right mixture of shades. Some of the shades work well together and some of the other shades I don’t really understand. To me, I don’t think they really suit the other colours in the palette and I don’t know how I could incorporate them into an eye look. This is just my opinion and someone else may think something completely different and be able to use majority of these shades. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be able to accomplish this as I’m not very outgoing or adventurous with my eye looks.

Caramel Melange Palette
These shades are beautiful but I’m not too sure I would wear them all.

I swatched these shades on my arm as well to see what the pigmentation was like and what they felt like on the skin. I have to say, I’m very impressed with the feel and pigmentation. The shades are soft and have like a velvety texture which makes them feel really nice on your skin. The colour payoff is really good and I’m excited to try a few looks out on myself.

Caramel Melange Swatches
Shades from left to right: Almost burnt, Finish Sensual, Start Soft, Alchemy, Liquid Centre, 182 degrees Celsius, Aftertaste, Universal Delight, Wax Paper and Edible Gem.

*I’m not the best at eyeshadow so I’m sure that I won’t do the palette justice so I won’t bother trying*.

After my first look and swatches of the palette I’m excited to give it another try. I’ll probably butcher the whole thing with my below average makeup skills but I’ll give it a try. If anyone can give me some makeup tips then that would be appreciated haha.

Anyway, enjoy your week guys and I’ll see you on the flip side. Lots of love,

Els xo

2 thoughts on “Caramel Melange Palette Review

    1. It was a struggle as it was my first time. The staying power is really good! I have oily eyelids so have to have a good base before doing any type of eyeshadow. Any eyeshadow that stays on my eyes is a miracle

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