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Wicken Fen.

Last weekend, Jack and I went and brought a new camera. He spent about an hour talking this sales assistants ear off before I dragged him away. I had just brought a new camera and wanted to go try it out! We decided we’d go to another National Trust site but this time Wicken Fen which is very close to where we live. I needed to take some pictures for a product that I got sent as well so we thought we would kill two birds with one stone.

Boho Queen Jewellery is an American brand that mainly sells festive/costume jewellery. I  had an arm bangle sent to me by this brand to try it out. If I’m honest, it’s not really my sort of thing and I found it relatively hard to style since I had never worn anything like it.  However, it was really wearable and comfy. I would definitely wear something like this on holiday if I want to jazz up my outfit a bit. They also have incredible necklaces/chokers on their website. To get an incredible 20% off then just visit their website: and enter the code BohoQueen. With this code you get 20% off and free shipping! If you live in the UK, it takes around a week to arrive due to the company being based in USA and having to ship out.

Below are some of the shots that we got from Wicken Fen, props to Jack for taking the beautiful pictures!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post,


Els xo

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