Roundup of May

For today’s blog post I thought I would do a monthly roundup of what I did as May is drawing to a close. My life’s too boring to do one every week so a monthly update should do it. I’ve actually been quite a busy bee this month in regard to my personal and work life but I’ll explain more as we come to each part. Have fun reading about my month and I’d love to know how yours went!


At the start of this month, I left my job. It’s a pretty big one I know and it’s what I needed to do for my mental health. Everything else was all getting a bit too much and I chose to leave my job and start a new adventure somewhere else. I touched upon this a little bit in a previous blog post all about how important it is to take a break ( I’m still in the health and social care sector but I have my eyes set on something a little bit different which I am really excited to try. This has definitely taken up a lot of my focus this month in regard to training for the job and having my shadow shifts. I’ll try to update you guys as much as I can as my time there progresses. I’m really looking forward to the future and where this job can take me. Wish me luck!


I was pestering Jack all the time this month to go to the beach with me because it’s been such nice weather. Jack was a grumpy guts and was boring and didn’t want to go. I completely understand this because his job is very physical and he’s out in the sun all day, when he has the weekends off he likes to relax. Me, however, I work indoors so when I have a weekend off I like to be outside. Jack kept resisting but we came to a compromise, instead of going to the beach why don’t we go to PAW (Pancake and Waffle Shack). PAW sells the most incredible food from all day breakfasts, pancakes, burgers, waffles and everything else. They all do really incrediable milkshakes and smoothies! PAW is situated near the five ways roundabout in Mildenhall, It’s near Eleven Centre Paris and Thetford Forest. If you’re in the area, it’s a must to go and try out their delicious food and shakes. I’m very happy to say Jack and I walked out with a food baby and in a semi food coma. We love this place so much and will definitely go back as it’s right on our doorstep!


Near the end of this month, I finished college. Two long years are finally over and I couldn’t be happier. I went to college rather than 6th form because exams don’t agree with me and the college guaranteed a more practical course which suited me just fine. I loved it and have made some wonderful friends in my two years but I was so ready to leave. 13/14 years of education is finally over and I’m so excited to get my feet stuck into the real world. I think work is the right place for me because I love being kept busy and learning new things all of the time. I will miss college and my tutors and things but I’m very excited fo the next chapter. I am officially finished with education and it feels wonderful!


If you follow me on Twitter (@elenasianxo) then you will have probably heard about my beach fiasco with my cousin. My cousin and I are really close in age and do absolutely everything together and because we both had the bank holiday off, we thought why not go to the beach. It was ridiculously hot and we thought we could enjoy a girly day out. We went to Heacham which is just outside of Hunstanton but it’s a little bit quieter and less commercialised. Both of us forgot to bring swimming costumes which was very stupid of us but we made do. It was so hot, we both ended up stripping off into just our underwear (just like a bikini, right?) and going into the sea. We put our clothes where we could see them along with Shannan’s phone and my car keys. We had a right good laugh and took some pictures of us in the muddy English sea just enjoying life. However, next thing we know we can’t see our stuff. In a right panic, Shannan and I were running up and down the beach trying to find my trousers, keys and her phone. Luckily I had my phone on me. I tried to track Shannan’s phone but that didn’t work and I tried to track my keys with a Tile that Jack brought me. That also didn’t work. I rang Jack in an absolute state and bless his little heart, he said he’d bring my spare key to me. Shannan and I managed to gain access to my car which had spare clothes and a couple of blankets in there (thank god) and stuck out the wait for Jack. Jack travelled the hour or so to get to us so I could drive my car home. He even helped me look for my keys, he is definitely a keeper. No luck though so I drove Shannan home and then went home myself. My dad and little brother were hugely sympathetic, not, as completely ripped the piss out of me about it all. Loosing my keys and Shanna’s phone about summed up my month to be honest, a shit show. I had the best morning but a not so great afternoon.
Luckily, someone has found Shannan’s phone and has got in contact with her so Shannan can get it back. There is no keys for me though which means I have to fork out a lot of money to buy a new set *cry*.

That about sums up my highlights from May and what a rollercoaster it was! I left my job and finished college, started a new job, lost my keys at the beach and had a number of girly days with my cousin. All in all, it was a good month and definitely one that I will remember. I will never live the beach trip down especially as Jack told his whole family so I have them taking the piss out of me to look forward to. I’d love to hear what you guys got up to this month so leave me a comment if you fancy.

Have a brilliant June,

love Els xo

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4 thoughts on “Roundup of May

  1. May was pretty eventful to you. BTW the pancake and waffle shack made me hungry. Sorry that you lost the key. You are going to look back at that beach fiasco and laugh in the future. So everything’s good!! 🙂

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