Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey is situated just outside of Cambridge. It is the closest national trust site to where I live and it’s gorgeous. I’ve never been to a national trust site before and because it was a nice day on Saturday, my friend and I decided we’d go out and explore.

It was £7.95 each for us to just go in and walk around the grounds. I thought this was a fairly good price if I’m honest. I was expecting it to be kind of quite but it was really busy. It seems like everyone and their mum was at the Abbey. We got lost quite a few times (even with all of the signs around) but I feel like that just adds to the experience. Anglesey Abbey shut at 5:30pm and we left around 5pm. We had spent all day there and we still could have been there for longer! We tended to drift away from the main paths and take all the little woodland routes because it’s more fun.

There was this massive manor house situated in the middle of the grounds. It was beautiful but all I wanted to know was if anyone had stayed in their overnight. Shannon said it was pretty unlikely. I felt a little bit intimidated about stopping and taking a picture purely because of how busy it was.

Shannon and I are children at heart so we followed the woodland trail to the child orientated part of the site. This part consisted up of a mini play park for the children, a walk to explore, a coffee site for the parents and a massive tree house(!!). The tree house is the main reason we went because we spent majority of the day climbing up trees to get good pictures and just goofing off in a beautiful setting. The tree house was three floors up and at the top you could look out and see Anglesey Abbey. It was truly beautiful and probably even more so when everything begins to flower.

The Lode Mill is an old style mill situated against the river bank of the Abbey. I remember being little and going up a mill like this with my grandparents and crying on the way down because you have to walk down backwards. That feeling returned when we had to go back down the mill. I managed to get a really good photo of the river from the top of the mill. Beside the mill is a little pond that used to be used as a quarry. It was a quarry because the mill was once used to mix cement when it was cheaper and easier to import grain rather than make it in the mill. We had a little history lesson on it and it was quite fascinating (I love things like that). The workers actually turned the mill on as well so we could see it working in action.

I 100% went and wrapped myself round a tree just so I could call myself a ‘tree hugger’. 

We spent majority of the day wandering about and enjoying the feel of the sunshine on our bare arms for the first times in months, I could also crack out the sunglasses! I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked but I will definitely be dragging Jack there when we have a weekend off together to just explore, chill and take photographs. Jack will love the chance to fly his drone there so I’ll bribe him with that.

If you guys are ever near Cambridge then you should go check out Anglesey Abbey. It’s got everything there for every one of any age. I will definitely be going back there and I may even invest in getting a membership with the National Trust but who knows? Look up the hashtag AngleseyAbbey on Instagram and different social media platforms to check out the pictures. It’s definitely worth a visit and a look.

Elena xx

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