Date night prep

So, yesterday was my birthday (20th of March) and I turned 18! Jack and I decided to go for a date night to celebrate my birthday so I thought I’d show you how I prep for a date night. I had the day off so it made it much easier for me to feel pampered and prepared!


First I have a shower. I only have a shower at my house otherwise I would definitely choose a bath and I told Jack that if we ever move in together, we need a bath. Anyway, I just washed my hair with the ‘Touch of Silver brightening shampoo and conditioner‘. I’ve recently got my balayage lightened again so I’m trying really hard to keep the brassiness out of my hair. I love the fact that the shampoo and conditioner is purple; it pleases my little heart.


After I’ve come out of the shower, I shave my legs. I hate shaving in the shower as I find it so difficult. I prefer an electric shaver that I can use wet or dry. I have the ‘Remington’ shaver at the moment. It does the job and makes me all smooth and feel like a baby’s bum.

Body butter;

My skin is so dry at the moment, it’s ridiculous. I went for a hunt for a new body lotion/butter and I came across this one from the Body Shop. It’s in the Frosted Plum scent and it smells divine. I actually got it on sale which is an added bonus. It makes me smell so nice and keeps my body feeling all silky smooth, I really like it.

Face wash;

My skin is such an odd combination because it’s dry in some areas, oily in others and fine in other parts?? I do tend to get quite a few blemishes or scarring so I needed a face wash to help combat this. My friend brought me it for my birthday and I’ve just kept repurchasing it every since. It’s the Tea Tree Face Wash, suitable for blemished skin from the Body Shop. I find their skin care stuff amazing and it’s at such a nice price as well!

Toner/spot treatment;

I use the toner and spot treatment from the same range as my face wash. It helps to calm my skin down and prevent more blemishes from popping up. My skin isn’t super bad but I do tend to be quite self conscious about it as my blemishes are always very red and angry looking; very noticeable. I use the toner every morning and night and the spot treatment whenever I feel like I need it.


I use an oil and a face cream for moisturiser and this is because my skin is so dry in some patches. The oil is from The Ordinary and it really helps with the dry patches on my face. I mainly put this on at night so it soaks into my skin. I find this makes my skin look less dry in the mornings. I then also have the Firstaid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. Again, this is so good for dryer skin and I love it. I find it helps my dry patches without causing the rest of my face too look oily. It suits my weird combination skin and really helps to find a happy medium that I enjoy. I got both of these products from ASOS because I get student discount and I’m all about getting things for cheaper.

Anyway guys, there is how I prep for a date night. Do you do anything to pamper yourself before going out for a night? If you do, let me know.

Elena x

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