Mental Health

Just say no.

Ok, this title is a weird one I know but just hang on in there.

I had a therapy session today (one of my better ones) and one of the main topics was how to say no. I don’t know about any of you, but I never say no. I always put everything and everyone else above me, even if it sacrifices my mental health.

My therapist and I spoke about how bad my memory is at the moment and how it could be tied into all the work I’ve been doing. She explained it as, I’m trying to work two full time jobs whilst studying at college and trying to have a life. It wasn’t until she put it like this that I realised that I do a lot and I’m exhausted because of it. Even in my exhausted state I still always say yes. Saying yes is good for a number of things but can also be quite detrimental to your health. This was in regard to always saying yes to picking up others shifts, even if I haven’t had a day off in a while. I didn’t realise I was that bad at it until she pointed it out.

We spoke about how beneficial it would be for me to say no and how I could do that. My fear of saying no is being rejected by people because I’m not helping them or they don’t want to associate with me anymore. THIS IS SO UNHEALTHY! Your peers/friends should be friends with you, for you and not just want to be around you because they know you’ll do everything. I understand this now but it’s going to take time for me to implement it. I’ve been bullied and been rejected so these feelings are so real and terrifying to me.

My aim for the week is to just say no. Maybe some of you guys are like that and need to say no more as well? Put you and your health first, always. (If you don’t get the Harry Potter reference then I’m very disappointed.)

What do you guys think?

Elena x

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