Brighton Dwelling

Back in early October 2016, my partner and I decided to have a mini break away to Brighton. It was somewhere that we had never been before and I love the seaside whilst he loves the city, it was perfect really. We had a long weekend away and it was magical. Just what the doctor ordered. We mooched around, took loads of pictures and spent a ton of time at the beach. It was safe to say, after this trip that Brighton became one of my happy places.

So, whilst I was looking at Uni’s to apply to for nursing I came across Brighton. I applied and quickly got a request for an interview back. Originally, I was going to take either my mum or dad but then thought, why don’t Jack and I go? Everything was overwhelming me and my mental health was at an all time low. Getting away, just the two of us, is just what I needed. So, I went and booked my interview and a room for the weekend. We were both very excited to go back to one of our favourite places.

It was a mini break filled with laughter and happiness. I felt like all my worries had been washed away by the sea. To me, the sea is so calming and I love spending time there. Jack didn’t mind me dragging him off to the beach because it meant he could fly his drone. The whole time we just relaxed and done whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. No one knew who we are and that is so refreshing when you come from a small village and everyone knows everyone else’s business.

Jack and I went to our favourite milkshake shop in Brighton ‘Shakeaway’ and gorged ourselves on their delicious milkshakes. I went for peanut butter and dairy milk caramel whilst Jack went for peanut butter and malteasers. We had the buffet at ‘North Street Pizzeria’ and it was gorgeous. Jack and I are massive fans of pizza and Italian food in general, so this was perfect for a casual dinner out. We, of course, had a ‘Wetherspoons’ breakfast because you can never go wrong with one of those.

We took loads of pictures, drunk far too many milkshakes and hot chocolates and ate far too much food but it was the nicest time I had in a while. It’s all down to the location and not whose company I spent it in (sorry Jack). I’m looking forward to our next staycation together.

Where are your favourite places to go within the United Kingdom? Let me know in the comments.

Elena x

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