World Book day 2018!

World Book Day is on Thursday the 1st of March this year.

In honour of world book day I thought I would do my reading list for this year. I am a self – confessed bookworm and definitely have found that I’d rather read a book then go out to the pub or something. I love reading these type of blog posts so thought I would write one myself.

Books have been a big part of my life since I was young. My teachers used to call me a bookworm and when we had a day in class where we could do whatever, you’d always find me by the bookshelf. One of my biggest achievements in school was being in the highest reading group as escaping into a story was such a passion for me. I always wanted to be a writer when I was younger and that is still a dream now.

I remember for Christmas, my parent’s used to fill my stocking up with books and I would devour them that day. My mum said she remembers me sitting at the kitchen table on Christmas Day reading my new books in-between shovelling food in my mouth. The thought of escaping into another world where I could forget mine was so appealing. I definitely think reading has helped me in my journey of coping with my depression and anxiety. This is why I hold Harry Potter in such high regards and the books hold a special place in my heart.

I’ve been slacking on my reading recently, so I really want to make more of an effort to read and have some ‘me’ time. Without further ado, here is my reading list for these upcoming months!

Everything Everything – Nicola Yoon.

This book has been hyped over forever (I know) but I have never got round to reading it. I heard about this book from my friend who’s a massive bookworm like me. The plot is about a young female (Maddy) who’s allergic to the world and doesn’t leave her house. A new family moves in across the road and the young male is intrigued by Maddy. This is a story about love and finding yourself. I’m very excited to read this due to the different reviews that I’ve read.

Holding up the Universe – Jennifer Niven.

Firstly, I love Jennifer Niven! She has a way of telling a story so beautiful that it captures you and you can’t put the book down until you’ve finished it. I picked this up when I was in Brighton recently and it’s all about discovering yourself and proving to yourself that you can do certain things. It also touches upon the subject of breaking out of the mould/image that other people may have put you in e.g. ‘cool’ etc.

The Square Root of Summer – Harriet Reuter Hapgood. 

This is another YA book about growing up and how everything is intwined to create a bigger picture that you may not be able to see. This book is about a young girl, called Gottie, who’s grandfather died and she feels like her world is falling apart. She thought she found someone who would stick by her but it wasn’t meant to last hence why she feels like her world is unravelling. The blurb of this book intrigued me so I’m excited to read it and see what I think of it.

Silence is Goldfish – Annabel Pitcher.

This is the last book on my list and the title is what drew me to pick up the book and purchase it. Again, this book is about self – discovery but in a different kind of way. Tess, the main character, has become mute due to a large surprise/secret that has been kept from her for her whole life. This story follows her journey through finding out the secret and rediscovering who she is. The book looks very intriguing and I’m very excited to read it.

What are you guys reading at the moment? Would you recommend any? Let me know down below.

Elena x

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