My basic everyday makeup

I thought I would do something a bit different today and show you guys my (very) basic makeup for when I go to college, work etc. I am definitely one of these people that would prefer to have an extra half an hour in bed instead of get up and make myself look nice. However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like makeup or putting it on. I love makeup, I love the way it’s so versatile and you can be as creative as you want with it. My favourite thing is to o my makeup when I haven’t got a time limit per say and I can just take my time, listen to my music and enjoy myself. Personally, I always think my makeup looks 100x better when I do it this way.


IMG_4451I have recently picked up this foundation because I wanted to try something new. This is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation and I picked it up from Boots. It claims to have anti – fatigue, brightening elements to it and as I am a very exhausted carer I thought I would try it out. There’s nothing remarkable to comment on just yet but I do love the smell of this foundation; it smells like berries and I love it.

I have been using the matching powder to go with the foundation and so far I like it. It also has the same berry smell and sets my foundation on my face. It does what it says on the tin.


I have the Bourjois Chocolate powder bronzer and I have been using that a lot recently. I am very pale so finding a bronzer, for me, can be difficult. I came across this and thought, I’m giving everything else from Bourjois a go so why not try this. I really like this bronzer it’s warm toned and the perfect colour for my sickly looking pale face.

IMG_4448I love Makeup Revolution and I am obsessed with their eyeshadows. Majority of my eyeshadow palettes are from this brand, they are affordable and do incredible products. I mainlines two of their palettes: their palette in collaboration with ‘Sophdoesnails’ an the one I wore today, their palette called Iconic Fever. This palette incorporates shades that I would get so much use out of and wear them virtually everyday. I would definitely recommend trying out Makeup Revolution as a brand.

The mascara I use on an everyday basis is from L’oreal. This mascara is the Miss Babydoll mascara. This mascara isn’ very lengthening (for me anyway) but it does have a noticeable volume effect on your lashes. It fans them out whilst also giving some definition to your eyelashes. I’ve used this mascara for ages and I really like it.


I don’t wear lipstick very often because I always feel like people know I’m wearing it and will say something? Stupid, I know but I can’t help the way my brain thinks. Anyway, today I decided I would go with a dusty pink matte lipstick from Makeup Revolution. This lipstick is from one of their lip kits and is in the shade ‘Reign’. It’s just a dusty pink and is not all that noticeable on your lips which is what I like. It gives you a healthy amount of colour. However, I find this lip kit very drying so I popped some of my FirstAid Beauty rescue lip balm over the top.

I know this post was a little bit different but I hoped you enjoyed reading it and seeing what I put on my very moon shaped face. Thanks for reading,

Elena x

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