Podcasts that I love.

Podcasts have become much more popular in the last couple of months. I never quite got on the bandwagon of podcasts, I suppose I didn’t quite understand them? However, a couple of months ago I was in A&E for the night. It was the longest night of my life due to the amount of pain I was but oh my god, the staff there were absolutely amazing! Anyway, my dad drove me there and stayed with me during the night. Whilst we were there my dad was listening to podcasts. I didn’t quite get it and asked him about it, he basically told me it’s fun and he enjoys listening to other people’s stories. I remember when I was younger and my dad would drive me home at night and we would listen to Simon Mayo’s confessions on BBC Radio 2. It was our little thing and I loved listening to all the funny stories, this is what my dad said he liked about listening to podcasts. Don’t get me wrong,not all podcasts are funny and light hearted but a lot of them are a source of information and support. It makes you feel less alone and unsupported in this world. These are my favourite podcasts that I’ve discovered over the past couple of months.

Giovanna Fletcher – Happy Mum, Happy Baby.

IMG_3068Ok, this one is a bit of a shock because I don’t have a baby so why would I want to listen to a podcast about babies? I have always wanted children and as I get older I seem to get broodier and broodier (sorry Jack) so I love listening to other mum’s stories and their experiences. Giovanna Fletcher is so real and relatable which is what I think you need, her and her guests don’t sugarcoat the life of being a mum and this, to me, is refreshing. This is a stepping stone to help me understand that everyone is different and they parent different. It prepares me for motherhood and it helps me to understand that everyone does stuff different and no one is doing anything wrong. This podcast is one I would definitely recommend.

Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton – At home with…


Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton are best known for their highly successful Youtube channels and blogs. I have recently discovered their podcast together ‘At home with’ and I have fallen in love with it. They talk to a variety of guests like Zoe Sugg and Liz Earle, it’s so lighthearted and just something that I love to listen to when I need a pick me up.

Arden Rose and Will Derbyshire – Crash on my couch.IMG_3067

I have watched Will’s youtube channel for years now because I just find him so refreshing and I relate to him on a different level. I am in awe of his editing and film making skills. Anyway, this podcast is just talking about anything and everything from current issues to conspiracy theories. It’s an easy listen and easy to follow along which is something that we all need.

Cherry Healey – Letters to my fanny.

IMG_3069Ok, this is a weird one. I have watched Cherry for years and I love her documentaries so I was really excited when I realised she was releasing a podcast. Cherry is very real and talks about everything and anything. I find this podcast so refreshing and thought provoking.

Freddie Flintoff, Robbie Savage and Matthew Syed – Flintoff, savage and the ping pong guy.

IMG_3070I have a confession to make, I love Freddie Flintoff and I have ever since I discovered A League of Our Own. My dad actually introduced this podcast to me and this is something that we bond over quite a lot and always have a laugh about. Majority of this podcast is about sport but don’t let this deter you because it’s brilliant! It’s witty and just highly amusing.

What podcasts do you guys enjoy listening to? Let me know!

Elena x

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